The Langscape team is led by researchers at the Maryland Language Science Center, but also includes experts from around the world. Researchers at the University of Maryland's Center for Advanced Study of Language (CASL) were instrumental in developing Langscape, and the project has benefitted from the input of a number of other researchers and key supporters, as well as our Partners.

Our Team

Colin Phillips
LSC Director

Colin is Langscape’s PI and the Director of the Language Science Center. He is a psycholinguist and an evangelist for language science, bringing together language experts from different disciplines through training programs, collaborative research, and outreach.

When not running his lab, Langscape, or the Language Science Center, he runs (and bikes) competitively.
Tess Wood
LSC Assistant Director

Tess is the co-PI and coordinator for the Langscape project. She is also the Assistant Director of the Language Science Center. She has a PhD in linguistics from UC Berkeley, where she did fieldwork on native American languages, and more recently has managed research projects on infant cognition and autism.

Tess is from Yorkshire and does karate. You have been warned.
Paul England
Sr. Software Engineer

Paul's experience is with large machines and large problems. He has extensive expertise in GIS, databases and web applications. He enjoys programming in C/C++ (but PHP and Javascript dominate his life right now).

Paul enjoys riding his motorcycle, coaching sports, playing his bass and spending time with his kids and wife.

Key Supporters