Langscape: Future Development :

Future Development

Langscape is still a young project with a lot of potential for growth. These are some ways in which we hope to improve Langscape in the near future:
Increased quality and variety of data:

Data forms the We have two main sources from which we hope to draw new data.

  • Partners provide us with datasets, transcriptions, and other useful linguistic information
  • Langscape users. Our users are from diverse linguistic backgrounds and have the potential to contribute a large variety of language data. We are currently formulating ways to allow user contributions to the project, so check back soon or sign up to our mailing list [link] for updates!

Advanced search and API:

We are working on an advanced search which will allow for more complex queries, including searching by data type, language family, or country, as well as an API.

Multiple map layers:

Multiple map layers will allow Langscape’s current map to be overlaid with other kinds of geospatial information will open up many possibilities: displaying maps of dialects, second languages and lingua francas, or map data on migrations, ecological, social, cultural or other features.

These are just some of the plans for Langscape’s development, and we welcome input from users on future development projects. If you have comments, questions or suggestions, please let us know. You can keep up-to-date with developments by checking out our blog or by signing up for our mailing list.