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What is Langscape?

Langscape is a gateway to language diversity. It is a resource that allow users with a wide array of interests, from recreational to academic, to discover the world’s languages via interactive tools and access to established research.

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The centerpiece of Langscape is an interactive map that lets users click on any geographic location to see the languages spoken there. Selecting a language allows users to access a growing variety of resources for that language, thanks to the efforts of our partners and others in a range of fields and specialties.


Get started with Langscape

Explore the languages of the world with our Language Map

Test your ability to recognize languages with the Language Game

Not sure what language your document is written in? Try the Language Identification Tool


Origin of Langscape

Langscape has been a project of the Maryland Language Science Center since January 2014. Earlier development work was done by UMD’s Center for Advanced Study of Language, which also contributed a great deal of data. Other data included in Langscape comes from publicly available datasets and from our various partners.

The initial public release was in May 2014, and there have continued to be updates of both function and content since then. Look for a new release during 2016 that will include new functions for searches and map-layers.

Comments on the map and language data are welcome; we are interested in user feedback that can inform future development of the site, map and datasets. We are also able to pass on feedback to our partners and data providers.


Other Langscapes

Our name is shared by the following groups and websites, though we are not affiliated with them: